Birthday party: Star Wars

Star Wars! Quite possibly the most fun I have had planning a party! I don’t know who the party was more for: my 5-year-old son whose birthday we were celebrating and his friends, or the parents we invited to join us. We were ecstatic when Charlie picked the beloved trilogy (we only recognize the the originals films) for the theme. From the costumes to the food, we had so much fun planning and executing this party.

The first order of business was definitely costumes. We went as a family to Goodwill and found just about everything we needed for Princess Leia, Han Solo and two Jedi knights (technically, my son was Luke Skywalker) for $40. I made two blasters from cardboard (spray painted black), sewed a quirky gun holster for Han (out of what was a sheriff’s chaps my sister made quite some time ago), and I was able to borrow a Princess Leia wig from a neighbor (thank you, Laura!). If we did nothing else, I think the party would have been a smash on the costumes alone!

Silver, with black, red and blue

Black plates
Black tablecloth
Star Wars (Yoda) napkins
Clear, red and blue cups
Silver balloons
Rocket balloons (saber-like) give-aways
Star Wars tablecloth used as a backdrop
I cut stars from tag board boxes and covered them with tin foil
Two wrapping paper rolls were painted and duct taped to make cool double light sabers

I also created banners using Star Jedi font for the Cantina, to label the food and “Happy Birthday Jedi Charlie:”

Fried Womp Rat (catered chicken from Walmart)
Saber sticks (pretzel rods)
Carbonite Jell-O (with a Han action figure, thanks to my mother-in-law)

Potato salad
Fruit salad
Jabba juice (soda)
Bantha milk (add blue food coloring to the milk)
Dagobah soda (lime sherbet with citrus soda)


I feel like I cheated this year. But it was so much fun, I’ll definitely have to do that more often. Fondant is the adult’s version of edible Play-doh! I purchased ready-made fondant in an assortment of black, peach, light and dark brown so I could create the main characters my son liked: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca, plus I had to add Princess Leia. He loves the droids, too, but I decided to draw the line somewhere!

I used a small bell cookie cutter for Darth Vader, reshaping it a bit, then impressing his helmet features with plastic tools. He was placed on top of chocolate cupcakes (dark side, get it?) with gray frosting and silver sugar crystals. The others were all on yellow cake, but with the same icing and sprinkles.

Leia and Luke were simple, too. I used a circle cookie cutter for the face, then started with the same circle to create the right outline for each hairdo. Then I cut the basic shape for the hair from the circle. For Princess Leia’s buns, I rolled a small football shape and smooshed it flat, giving it the lines for the twists in her hair. Chewie was my favorite. I didn’t know what I was going to do until I had all the others finished, and there wasn’t much online to go on. Everything was really cartoony or kinda scary. I decided to try mixing the two brown colors to create a swirl. Then flattened it into an oval-type shape and cut into the sides for his shaggy mane, leaving it longer at the top. With gel-writer features added in, I was quite pleased with the results. The cupcakes were a hit, and my son was delighted!

Much to my daughters displeasure, this was the first party we attempted a pinata. We had so much fun, though, I am sure there will be plenty of pinatas in our future! We created a death star, of course! Learn how I did it here: How-to: Death Star Pinata.

My husband also put together a “Kessel Run” obstacle course that kept the kids entertained until the food arrived. There were plenty of epic battles throughout the party among the kids as well.


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