Mom-Me makeover

As you can see, the Mom-Me blog has a new look! This is the result of hours of agonizing over colors and design, evaluating what pages and features are used or missing by my loyal readers and …

Okay, yeah, not really. That’s not true at all. I actually logged into my dashboard yesterday and saw a note that said my appearance style, Sweet Blossoms, was being retired “soon.” I decided to active my fate and choose something new and customize it now rather than have it done for me at some indefinite future date. It took me all of about 2 hours to make the switch.

Seeing as this design, Bouquet, was the only one layered with pink, I *knew* it was the one for me. Anyway, I’m happy with the change. I have been meaning to incorporate my butterfly logo anyway. And the new style has more flexibility and widgets and what-not so I do think it’s a better fit for me and is a change for the better.

Besides, change is good. Since October 10, 2007 my blog hasn’t changed a bit aesthetically even though the topics and writing has changed tremendously. It was time.

Let me know what you think! If there’s any way I can make the blog more enjoyable or easier to use, let me know.


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