Happy New Year!

I’m a little, just a little, late getting the Christmas/New Years letter out this year. But, hey, that’s better than the previous year when we ended up forgoing the whole thing altogether. I was going to do a boring “here’s what we’re up to” to get it over with but a friend with higher expectations of me convinced me otherwise. So, lest you think this is a boring letter, just think what could have been!

Jedi Charlie: Charlie is impatient and slow to listen but the force is strong with this one. He knows just what to say, when … and he loves to make us laugh! Charlie loves all things Star Wars, Legos and of course Star Wars Legos. The young apprentice turned 5 this year and began his kindergarten training. The day we walked in to meet his teacher, he looked around at all the cubbies with his classmates’ names on them and he said with excitement: “I don’t know them yet but these are aaaaaaall going to be my friends!” Charlie also loves soccer and is playing floor hockey this winter to make him a well-rounded jedi.

Jedi Avery: Avery is practical and thoughtful and purposeful about her 2nd grade training. She loves to read, read, read. She especially likes non-fiction, particularly books about animals. She has an impeccable memory and corrects us all the time (“That’s no moon.”) She loves to teach Jedi Charlie and makes sure everyone is following all the rules of the alliance. She enjoys being a protector of the planet earth, picking up garbage, recycling and being a member of the Earth Club at her school.

Princess Sara: The princess is driven and dedicated. Sara completed the “kessel” run of 32.4 miles in less than 7 parsecs (hours) in October. The woman warrior still enjoys running to keep battle-ready and is looking forward to several runs of all distances this year. She is on the PTO at the jedi training center, is putting together the yearbook and helps the kids’ masters when she can. Sara knows spiritual training is vital and took a step in faith to begin leading a women’s small group through church in the fall. It has been a huge encouragement to her and a blessing to be able to see how God is working in her life and those in her council. Believe it or not, she also continues to write and design graphics as a freelancer.

Matt Solo: Matt works as a mechanical engineer by day and the family hero by night! With his laid back attitude and macho bravado, his compassion may surprise some. But he continually swoops in to save the day! No scruffy nerfherder, Matt received a promotion this year and has his name on another patent at Knowles Electronics. He has a good feeling about continuing to teach 4/5th graders at Sunday School. This is the first year that kids Matt had in his class will graduate high school! Thankfully, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He enjoys spending time with the young jedis: ice skating, camping and going to hockey games, not to mention playing Legos and “the Squinkie game” to keep life from being taken too seriously.


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