Super suckers

I don’t know why but I am dead set against buying the typical valentines character cards from the store. They are cheap and they are easy. Typically two requirements for me to get on board with something.

But my mom taught me the value of making something from the heart. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s no question about it, we’re making 60-some valentines for the kids’ classmates. It’s not very often that we get elbow deep in glue and glitter, but I always look forward to those projects (as stressful as it can be sometimes). The creative side of me enjoys seeing the kids express themselves with crafts.

Of course, mass producing valentines means finding something simple enough for the kids to do but also fun/cute enough to keep them motivated.

For my son in Kindergarten, I found a cute caped sucker in the Family Fun magazine at the library, then looked it up online at I tweaked it a bit to simplify even more, but they are still “super” cute.

I cut a cape from black stock to use as a template then cut out capes from red, purple and green paper. Charlie wrote on each cape “You are super!” and his name (we’re asked not to personalize them for his classmates). I punched a small hole at the top and we slipped it on a Dum Dum Pop. I tried to get by without the masks, but my son was so excited. To simplify the pattern I found online, I cut thin strips from matching paper and hot glued them on the suckers. My son then colored eye holes on the masks for a finishing touch.

For my daughter’s 2nd grade class, we could try something a little more challenging and, of course, girlie. She picked the Hershey Kiss rings.

The store was out of regular kisses, so she picked the caramel ones in gold wrappers (I was rooting for the dark chocolate kisses in purple foil). And we had just enough pipe cleaners in green for the boys and pink or red for the girls. Using scraps doesn’t always lend itself to the most coordinated holiday colors (the boys ended up with green/brown rings and red tags lol). We still had to work together to complete the twisting just right on each one. To conserve pipe cleaners, we used only one for each instead of two as called for, so it had to be done just right.

We still enjoyed this project, but the end result certainly didn’t have the same ka-pow as the suckers (or as the ones we copied). Maybe if we had followed the exact instructions, they would have been more charming …


5 thoughts on “Super suckers

  1. So cute, Sara. How about Avery? I want to see what you did for her! When Andrea was that age, we made the valentines as well. But with my simple nature, we just cut out hearts and decorated and wrote on them… One painful part I remember is that I wanted Andrea to write the names of all her friends herself. That turned out to be a lot of work for a 6 year old. Fun memories though!

  2. I love the capes, what a cute idea.

    I also love the Family Fun website. One year I made their lips and mustaches out of fun foam that you slip your sucker through. While you’re enjoying your sucker, you either are wearing bright pink lips or a huge mustache.

    More thank making Valentines, you’re making memories, and I think that’s the best part!

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