Run for the Bear

It’s been a while so I’ve decided it’s time to brag on my kids a little.

Both my kids ran in the one mile Run for the Bear a few Saturdays ago. I ran with my son who is in Kindergarten and running for the first time. My husband ran with my 2nd grade daughter who participated in the same event last year. I am so proud of both of them! They ran the entire way, even up the hill toward the end.

My daughter asks me all the time about my running. She says it’s her least favorite thing to do. BUT, she knows it’s good for her body and will help her be better at other things. Isn’t she so smart? She came in 6th out of 14 2nd grade girls. She was disappointed she didn’t do well enough to get one of the prizes for top 3 (a teddy bear) but was proud of her good effort and so was I. Just being willing and getting to the starting line is a good effort, and seeing it through to the finish deserves a “job well done!”

My son is athletic and competitive. He came in 5th … of 5 Kindergarten boys. I know he was frustrated because he “lost” and he’s used to being fast. Before we rounded the first corner, I could sense his frustration that he wasn’t “winning” as big kids and adults surrounded us. But I am so proud of him for starting out at a comfortable pace and keeping consistent throughout the run, even though I know he could go faster, saving enough to finish strong. It was fun being with him. I didn’t want to “pull” him so I hung back a little at times. I tried at the end to get him to finish on his own though, yelling “beat me!” but he kept holding back to wait for me. “Where are you mom?” Finally I just ran in with him.

And although it was hard, they both had a fun time. They SAY they want to run the Run for the Bear 5k (which is 3.1 miles) in the fall. I put together a training schedule for the summer. If they stick to enough of it, we said we’d sign them up! I am not holding my breath, but I would absolutely love it if they try it.

The kids also raised $110 for Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the organization behind the event. Several close friends and family donated and we also walked the neighborhood to ask neighbors to participate. The kids are just as bad at asking people for money as I am so it was a painful process. But it helped them feel they were doing their part. At dinner a few nights after the run, Avery wanted to pray and thanked God for the money people raised for those kids. I couldn’t have been prouder in that moment.


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