Birthday Party: Disco Diva Dance Party & Sleepover!

Hard to believe my baby girl is now 8. 8 years old! She was very adamant about her party this year, a sleepover with her closest BFFs. She found a cupcake-cake in a book that she wanted for her party and decided to build the whole party around that theme. It was microphones with a disco ball. The disco ball in the picture really had nothing to do with the cupcakes, but I think that’s exactly why she chose it. So, a dance party it is! We invited 3 local friends, plus two who lived too far away to make it but it didn’t seem right not to include them anyway.

We recently cleaned out our office and were throwing away a bunch of CDs. That’s when I realized I could make a disco ball for the cake AND I used some leftovers for the invitation. Never mind that “disco” and “CDs” don’t really go hand in hand … Anyway, Avery worked with me to select the colors and look of the invitation and we promptly sent them out (I only had the idea to do this a few weeks before the party).

Once the invites were out, we didn’t do much in the way of planning until the week of. Since our house is for sale, we wanted to keep things simple and low-mess. I made the disco ball for the cake cutting up a few CDs (note: use SHARP scissors) and hot glued them to an old whiffle ball (no way I am paying $3 for a styrofoam ball!). But when I realized how disappointed Avery was that it was so small (although she said, “that’s okay, mom!”) I went on the hunt for a disco ball. Thankfully, I found one at Five Below, where I also bought the colored hair extensions, peace headbands and lipgloss for the party gifts. At the dollar store, I bought pink plates for the dinner. Since it was a “fancy” French restaurant for celebrities only, we used our wine glasses, which was a huge hit with the girls. I taped a few more of the discarded CDs to the hutch cabinet near the table and that was the extent of our decorations this year, but it looked pretty good!

The dinner was a big ordeal. I’ve been talking about doing a “mix up” dinner like my mom did once (for Halloween) when I was a kid for a long time and finally had the opportunity to make it happen. Avery wanted pizza as well as several other of her favorite foods, and nothing had anything to do with a disco or dance, lol. Anyway, I put everything (including utensils) on a menu … in French. (In retrospect, nonsense words from the 70s or dance-related terms like “The Twist” for pretzels would have been a better fit to the theme. Oh well. I had a beret. So, yeah.) The girls had to order without knowing what anything was. The only things guaranteed were the personal pizzas, a plate and a drink. I broke the menu down into Drinks, Side dishes and Miscellaneous so that they would get a variety (and possibly some kind of utensil). Of course, I wore a beret and spoke as much as I could in a French accent (or at least my interpretation of one). The girls loved calling me “Madame” and dining the silly “Voila!” restaurant. It was a great icebreaker though I could sense some frustration that they weren’t getting what they wanted (I let them order multiple times). They had fun with it. One girl was trying to eat her pizza with a toothpick! Eventually, I made sure everyone had what they wanted and there was plenty for everyone. Avery wanted to do it again when her friend from out of town came to visit, for lunch this time. This is definitely not the last mix up dinner we’ll be having at our house! Avery thought it was hilarious. It also took a big chunk of time and the girls were FULL.

Menu cheat sheet:

Entree: Pizza (pepperoni or sausage or both was offered) with Jell-o

Drinks: Pop, punch and water (colored red, though they figured out pretty quickly that it was water!)

Sides: Cheesy chips (Doritos), pea pods, strawberries, apple slices, pretzels (thought they were smart to figure this one out!), carrot sticks

Misc: Fork, spoon, straw, napkin, whipped cream, peanut butter, toothpick, Ranch dressing

Dance Party and Karaoke
Then, we turned up the volume on the music and the dance party started! The girls danced to Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, We Will Rock You and a few others before they began to become more interested in the karaoke microphone. They played some of their own games with the sound and then I turned on Sunday School songs and Christmas carols. I was impressed that they each took turns (mostly in pairs or all four of them). It was fun to watch. Finally, we sang Happy Birthday and had our cupcakes with cupcake microphones (only difference is an added pink nonpareils in the bottom of the cone).

Then it was time to open gifts and play Story Cubes. Before long, the girls were ready to cuddle in their pjs to watch a movie and … not sleep. All in all, it was a memorable party and a lot of fun for the girls and me.


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