Serious Warrior Sillyness


“At what age will I outgrow this sillyness?” asks my dad. Well, if I have any say in it: NEVER! Life is too short not to have fun. Yes, it’s a little messy but the mud will wear off and the memories will last forever. The Warrior Dash may not be the cheapest race around but it’s less expensive than therapy! And it’s a great way to connect with your spouse.

Have you ever lept over fire hand in hand with your husband? I have. Have you ever climbed for your life to catch your spouse up a muddy hill, sliding down a step for every two step you progress? I have. Have you hever swam in mud, with mud in your eye and in your teeth? I have.


In my teeth.

Thankfully, I have the photo evidence to prove it. Our supportive friend Stewart (who personally has no interest in getting mud anywhere, much less in his teeth) was there at the finish line to snap the picture I so eloquently called for (with only one eye open) before I could dump some cold, clean (ish) water on my face to rinse it off. lol

For the third year in a row, I participated in the Warrior Dash 5k. It’s the second year that my husband ran with me. And it just gets more and more interesting every year. This year was the most fun, by far, culminating with not a mud crawl under barbed wire at the end but a SWIM in 3 feet of muddy water. It was absolutely hilarious (though I really could have done without the guy in front of my splashing it into my eyes). We definitely had a lot to talk about on the way home! The only thing missing was our friends who couldn’t make it (and those who we missed because we weren’t coordinated enough in advance this year).

My husband and I were there together with our friend Kristi, who makes up for our small crew by taking in the whole experience and having a blast with us. I am inspired by friends who tackle such events as this without even a hesitation! Our friend Dan, too, signed up without blinking an eye once he heard about it from us. I love that. Next year, we hope to be able to experience the event all together.

There were a few changes this year, mostly for the better. There were also some things that didn’t change. Like my lack of confidence in transitioning at the top of the obstacles and Matt’s super speedy climbing! I don’t konw how he does it, but Matt can fly up that slippery hill like I’ve never seen, passing up buff 18-year-olds and more experienced runners (like me :) like a pro.

In the end, we both finished well, shaving a few minutes off the time from last year. I finished in 32:07, which was 718th overall of about 8800 runners, 23rd of 1223 in her age group and 92nd of 4320 females. I know I could do even better so I am motivated now to have a goal for next year. No more cake mud walks. This warrior is serious now! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!


One thought on “Serious Warrior Sillyness

  1. I love it! You guys looked like you had a blast and I love your kiss photo. What a great bonding moment for your marriage. A trues adventure together! Love you both.

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