Pinterest home decor

I don’t get Pinterest. I really don’t. But in trying to figure it out, I did find a couple ideas I wanted to try. I’ve been watching altogether too much HGTV lately and thinking (now that our house is decluttered and depersonalized for selling) it’s rather … boring. So, I decided to put my own twist on this “shoe box lid” wall hanging (especially considering there was no “how-to” to be found):

In the interest of keeping this experiment at low cost, I used materials I already had. I had already recycled just about all our shoe box lids, so I cut up a cardboard box instead. I used spray adhesive to cover it with scrapbooking papers (making each one a bit wider than my board so it could wrap to the back) in colors and patters that coordinated with my living room and gave it a bit of a Scandinavian twist I was looking for. I was thankful to have a reason to use the pretty papers that have long been neglected.

I printed letter outlines, backwards of course, on the back of light/dark patterns, then outlined it with brown/white paper to help it pop off the contrasting pattern. Again, I used spray adhesive. For an extra touch, I used an ink pad to brush the edges (with mild success).

I found coordinating ribbon in my craft collection and hot glued it to the back with a knot tied in the middle, which is simply hung on a nail (and also covers it) in a “random” up/down pattern (which helps especially since I didn’t take precautions to center the letters or the finished boards).

The finished product was inexpensive, quick and easy, and adds color and interest to a previously empty wall with a personal touch.

Maybe I “get” it now? Hm. I might have to try another project to find out.


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