More animal cupcakes

It’s not cheating to repeat cupcake designs is it? I hope not. Charlie’s 6th birthday is coming up and he wants to go to the zoo. He also requested animal cupcakes for his park play date. Seriously? Not only do those ideas match perfectly but I’ve done this before so it will be a cake walk. Right? Well, the problem is that when you *think* something is going to be easy, you don’t plan so much ahead of time and … well, I am sure you know how that goes.

I was initially disappointed with the cupcakes and I wanted to try to make some improvements. Of course, the biggest blunder is that I completely forgot to take a picture of the final product. So, I regurgitated this one from a baby shower not too long ago. Aside from the fact that my monkey smiles did not turn out as well this time around, the only difference is the pig. I was never satisfied with the jelly belly ears. I cut a pink Tootsie fruit roll into fourths and shaped the ears. They. were. perfect. That is of course until they melted. Be sure to refrigerate your cupcakes for a warm party venue (ie outdoors).

I have a reason for forgetting the picture though. It was a crazy morning. Primarily because I am a crazy person. Even though I was pleased with the pig and the bear (the cutest one this time around), I was so disappointed with the monkeys (of which I had made 12 of because I had more supplies available than I did for the others. Note to self: buy more marshmallows!), that I decided to run to the store the morning of the party to buy supplies to make the puppy. CHarlie had requested a kitty but after 3 failed attempts (in my opinion), I decided a dog would have to suffice. I had made one, as seen in the picture, for the baby shower, though I did stick the ears out more this time which looked better. Ugh, I can’t believe I don’t have a picture.

Spread chocolate frosting in a V shape for the top of the head, on a chocolate cupcake. Mix equal ratios of chocolate and vanilla frosting to spread the rest of the face. Add Junior Mint ears (on the sides, not the top of the head). For the eyes, cut mini marshmallows into quarters (or use white smarties) and dot with a black gel writer. Draw a nose and smile with a gel writer (I thought it was super cute when the smile was off-kilter for a mischievous monkey).

The brown bear is white frosting on a vanilla or chocolate cupcake. Then, cut caramel chews (with the vanilla centers) in half and place on the head for the ears. You might have to use extra frosting to “glue” it on. For the nose, cut a marshmallow in half (it’s good that it smooshes it a little to make it more oval) and draw a nose/moth combination. The eyes are root beer Jelly Bellys. Finally, press brown sugar onto the frosting around the candies. You can also make a Panda bear by using black Jelly Belly candies and Junior Mint ears.

The pig is also a vanilla cake with white frosting. Again, place a half marshmallow (or maybe a third) into the middle of the face, and add black nostrils with a gel writer. Place two raisins for the eyes. The ears are pink Tootsie fruit chews cut into fourths and shaped into a rounded triangle (you can even angle it forward, so cute!) Finally, dust the frosting with pink Jell-O (I used strawberry in the past) or pink sprinkles.

The puppy is vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. The ears are Vanilla wafers broken in half (there are definitely casualties), placed at an angle on each side. Place chocolate covered raisins for a nose and colored M&Ms for eyes and voila! I added cut Twizzler strips for a tongue.


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