Fantastic Fall

Pink Flambe, courtesy of Donna Mee

This fall, the Pantone color palette is about the magic of color. Fantasy and illusion are inspiring designers and makeup artists alike, with an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals, cleverly manipulating reality into enchantment through fashion and cosmetics. “We can have fun and be creative,” explains Teresa Paquin, makeup artist and owner of Anika Skincare & Makeup Studio in Hudson, New Hampshire. Colors help clients transition to fall.

Pantone’s Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report features vivid, beautiful jewel tones that have been injected into a palette of fall neutrals. As the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse—a vivid yellow-green—pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge into the cooler days of fall. Reminiscent of bright green foliage, it provides a perfect accent to every color in the palette. “It’s a fun shade for an eye shadow on dark brown eyes,” says corrective makeup artist Donna Mee of Donna Mee, Inc. She recommends the color used as a loose shimmer shadow and applied with a wet, synthetic brush for a more vibrant fashion look.

Like the name implies, Pink Flambé is a delicious, vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it. According to Mee, it is this season’s best lip color for warm complexions and is especially good for women with dark hair. If the color seems too intense, try it in a lip gloss for a more transparent pop of pink or use it as a lip stain with a sheer gloss over it, recommend the experts. Oranges and pinks and plums are on trend for lips again, as these are colors that people have shied away from in the past.

“A color I absolutely love that is fun to use over a bronzer for a pop of color is Tangerine Tango,” says Paquin. She applies a small amount of this on the apples of the cheeks and blends it into the bronzer. According to Paquin, Tangerine Tango also looks terrific on its own as a subtle blush and can be used as a sheer lip gloss. “If you’re a little color shy, add this as a gloss over a slightly warmer lipstick or lip pencil, and it will add a touch of vibrant color, without being too much,” she explains. Tangerine Tango also can be paired with Pink Flambé for a retro feeling.

To bring a calming element to the mix, combine these vibrant, warm tones with Ultramarine Green, a deep cooling blue-green that is neither bright kelly green nor deep forest green. Green is a color people can learn from; it shouldn’t be avoided as much as people think. Pairing Ultramarine Green with French Roast as a shadow or liner. It also can be diluted with a black to give it a deep tone, or mixed with gray or a slightly metallic hue. Metallics make some of the vibrant colors that may seem inaccessible more wearable. Smoked up with a dark metallicized brown on the eyes, Ultramarine Green looks utterly enchanting and captivating.

>>Read more about Fall Color Trends in the September 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.


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