Made in the USA

Even through challenging economic times, growth in the natural cosmetics market continues, and new brands in the East and West Coast of the United States are successfully finding their way into the hands of American consumers.

The Grapeseed Company creates botanical beauty products from the byproduct of wine in Santa Barbara, CA using certified organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The vinotherapy skin care and spa products are centered on a local, naturally antioxidant rich ingredient winemakers discard after crushing grapes to make wine: grapeseed.

Resroli Serum is a new acne-fighting formula infused with local lavender and featuring resveratrol from local grapeseed oil and grapeseed extract. Most recently, the brand also launched Cali Vine Decadently Rich Face Cream, an anti-aging cream formulated with California-grown avocado, grapeseed, carrot and more.

The company sources grapeseed from wineries in California and Oregon. Some suppliers are also customers that sell the brand at their shops. “One of our favorite suppliers and customers is The Allison Inn & Spa in Oregon, recently named the number one hotel spa in the continental United States by Travel + Leisure magazine.” said Kristin Fraser Cotte, CEO and formulator. The hotel sends pinot seeds from its on-site vineyards, and The Grapeseed Company creates their signature spa treatment from the seeds grown on their own property.

The benefits go beyond logistics. Sustainability and preservation of biodiversity is part of the mission at The Grapeseed Company. “We started this business to upcycle the local wine waste and turn it into amazingly effective natural skin care,” explained Cotte. “As they say: ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ ” Many wineries pay to have the pommace, the seeds and skins left over after a vintner crushes grapes, hauled out after harvest each season. “Any time you are sourcing local ingredients, you are building ties in your community by supporting the local economy and agriculture, and—in our case—solving someone’s trash issues,” she continued. “This is a wine-loving community, so the connection of using the winemakers’ waste as the base of the line and giving the grape seeds a second life by recycling them into skin care products strengthened and widened our customer base.” One year and nine months after opening its flagship store in 2010, the brand opened its second brick and mortar location in Southern California.

Founding a company on such a cause is evidence to the consumer that The Grapeseed Company is an ecologically responsible company. “Each skin care box tells our story of turning wine waste into vinotherapy skin care,” said Cotte. With rising gas costs, people also are becoming more aware of the impact of sourcing ingredients and supplies from elsewhere and the cost on both the environment and end product. “Aside from the ‘buying local’ movement, I think people identify with local ingredients immediately because they’re already familiar with the benefits,” said Cotte.

Read more about locally sourced ingredients in the December issue of GCI magazine.


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