No word could be quite so exciting … or scary.

As soon as we received an offer on our house, which felt sudden even though it has been on the market 9 months, I went into almost complete panic mode. Was this what we wanted? What are we doing? WHY? Are we really going to do this? Suddenly what seemed a difficult decision before became even harder. I trust you, Lord.

The offer was low so it felt like we were having to give up the home that we loved for next to nothing, especially with all the blood, sweat and tears—and, oh yeah, money—that we put into it. I trust you, Lord.

God reminded me about Abraham and his sacrifice of Isaac. Similarly, God had asked us to let go. Yes, our home is of value to us. But God has a different plan for us and we are being obedient by not holding back. We believe God’s command to let go of our home and believe God would be faithful to His promise to provide for us. I trust you, Lord.

We waited a day—one long, nerve-wrecking, emotional, tear-filled day. Then we countered, giving our realtor the power to negotiate. And then we waited. I trust you, Lord.

Praise God the buyers accepted the first counter offer by the next evening, which was only $2,500 below our asking price and meant that we would not have to bring money to closing. It was bittersweet. We weren’t sure whether to celebrate or mourn. We are sad to leave our home and community but also excited for how God was working in our lives and what He has planned for us next—and hoping that He reveals that plan sooner rather than later!

I trust you, Lord.

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10


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