Fox Trot “Fun Run”

IMG_4421What a perfect day for a run (maybe not so much to spectate, thanks to my hubby for coming anyway and dragging the kids along with him to be my awesome support)!

I got a great PR, even though I hadn’t planned on it after the move and focusing on … not running. I felt great the entire race and really enjoyed the entire run. Had a guy come up at mile 7 or so and say he’s been following me for 5 miles and I had a great pace going. We ran together a bit (oh, did you think you were gonna pass me?) until the hill. I let him get a bit ahead and then after the hill I left him behind. I called for him to get back up with me to finish strong but I think the hill took it all out of him. Was fun to see our friend Mark two times on the course loops and out/back as well, he took third place overall and walked away with a nice trophy.

IMG_4425But the best moment came after the finish line. I had run the last mile with a guy in a blue shirt wearing an Iron Man hat. We pushed each other, running side by side without saying a word … Yeah, he got chicked. He came up to me afterward to let me know he thought he was gonna leave me in the dust. “She’s tough,” he told my hubby. Made my day.

Definitely want to do this race again. My goal next year will be to go home with a medal. I was only 3 places and a few minutes from podium position. I know I can do better, as long as I am not afraid to hurt a little. :}

6 in my division


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