My first “Rebeca project”

My friend Rebeca is the Creative Dominican. She is super talented (you can buy her stuff on facebook for a limited time). I told her if I ever tackled a project inspired by her, I would post pictures, so here it is! I finally came across a wood item that would work for a project.

My son’s bed is lofted so he collects books in his bed (and they fall down on the floor with a THUMP in the middle of the night). I was going to buy some IKEA spice racks, ala Pinterest. But, I came across this apple box at Goodwill for $3. I sanded it to soften the edges.


Following Creative Dominican‘s instructions, I painted the edges with a brown craft paint.


After it dried, I painted a middle stripe with wall paint (Pittsburgh Constellation), a reverse of my son’s room which is light blue with a dark blue stripe. I forgot to add Vaseline as a distressor, so I dry-brushed brown on top of it on the edges.


Then, I applied Vaseline on the edges before I applied the dark blue wall paint (Pittsburgh Star Spangled). Once it was thoroughly dried, I sanded it all over.


Finally, it needed some support. I sent my husband to Menards for $.99 L brackets and he came home with $3 fancy brackets that were a bit bigger and much nicer. More than I wanted to spend, but it was probably for the best since it was a big enough box to hold some heavy books and I was thankful he did this errand for me. Then, he helped me make sure it was anchored into the wall securely. See, Snowball is safe (my son put the books in there so it’s okay that they are upside down).


See how proud he is? Once I started this project, he asked every day when I was going to put it up. There’s no better reward for a project like this than a happy smile. Love you, Charlie Bear.



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