Proving Beauty Products Work

As beauty brands race to put the latest and greatest products on the shelves in a market already saturated with new innovations, consumer product testing and procedures for implementing claims substantiation protocols are topics of increasing interest.

Brands are responding by trying to meet these consumer demands, and trying to connect on a more personal level. Ultimately, a beauty product only works as efficaciously as the ingredients used. The reputation of the brand, in part, relies on the success of the actives within the products. The bottom line is that brands must formulate the best product possible with ingredients that have been tested diligently and then be honest with the consumer about the results.

As the search for individual perfection continues in an age when information is quickly disseminated online, there is a heightened demand for products that clearly say what they do and, more importantly, do what they say. It is imperative for brands to be diligent in understanding the testing process and to provide the evidence that substantiates their product claims.

Read more about claims substantiation in the October 2014 issue of GCI magazine.


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