2014 Mason Family Crossword


I was so close. I was thinking about a Christmas letter months ago and started making plans for a nice family picture in the fall, with matching sweaters (I even bought a gray knitted scarf for our new puppy to wear at a craft fair!) The leaves were beautiful, the weather was perfect … and then all of a sudden, it’s December. How does that happen?!? Anyway, the thought of writing out all that’s happened in the last year seemed too overwhelming. When one day, Charlie came home with a crossword he had made in school, and I thought, that’s it! If he can make a crossword, so can I. So, the family put our heads together on some obvious and some not so obvious facts and thoughts from this year for a puzzle of our very own. I know it takes a little work to read our letter this year, but I hope you enjoy it.

As for the picture, well, there are no matching sweaters but at least we match (and in Christmas colors to boot)! I had very limited choices last minute, finding a picture that we were all in. And the poor pooch had to be photoshopped in! All in all, it’s who we are and tells a little bit about what we’ve done this year so I am quite satisfied with it. Besides, don’t we all look good? We can all use a little sunshine this time of year!

Merry Christmas!

2014 Mason Crossword Puzzle

Answer Key


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