Five Senses Packaging

Cosmetics and personal care goes hand in hand with the five senses. There is much discussion on color, texture and aroma of a particular product. It would make sense then that the packaging continue the feel and appearance of the product it holds. With the rapid proliferation of new products into the marketplace, manufacturers are helping brands look beyond their traditional palette to include as many sensory cues as possible in their marketing and product development. Sensory innovations can include visual benefits, tactile effects or even audio and sound. “We are living in a world of ‘smart technology’ that is becoming an everyday feature in our lives, even with beauty tools and devices that help deliver salon results at home,” said Sandra Hutson, sales and marketing director for Topline Products.

Brand consultancy Interbrand US divides sensorial packaging for personal care into two categories: conscious and unconscious. Containers for cosmetics—particularly fragrances—make more conscious tactile appeals to the consumer. Modern perfume bottles come in all shapes and sizes of glass. Elegant, sculpted glass containers provide the consumer with a sense of luxury, for example. Tactile encounters with toiletry packages tend to be unconscious, aside from designs made with ergonomics in mind, such as when Topline Products developed the Neotensil Reshaping Tool for the brand Living Proof. The innovative applicator has been designed to optimize the performance of the formula and has an engineered shape that provides maximum control with consistent application pressure. The real innovation of this tool is the “cool-touch” tip, which is specially designed to minimize friction and help enhance the formula’s results.

Direct applicators have become increasingly popular in skin care, because they are convenient, more hygienic, and often add to the consumer’s overall product experience. Fusion recently launched Direct Effect Airless Applicators, a line of bottle-based, piston-driven direct applicators designed to enhance the product application experience. The line features three unique applicator styles designed with the consumer in mind. “The first-of-its-kind curved tip applicator precisely contours to the delicate areas of the face, allowing the silky thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) surface to glide across the skin with a feather-light touch,” said Alexander Kwapis, creative director at Fusion Packaging. The line also features single and dual stainless steel rollerballs for massaging benefits and to enhance the absorption of skin care products. “Clients can feel the difference a quality applicator can make, from the instantly refreshing touch of stainless steel to the cushy feel of TPE, and the ergonomic textured finger pad that allows for easy, single-hand application,” explained Kwapis.

Read more about sensory packaging in the April 2015 issue of GCI Magazine.


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