Multi-Protection Sun Care

Whether living in a city or a more rural area, consumers are learning there are many ways to fight the major factors that cause the skin to age. Products that help avoid, interrupt, and reduce the impact aging factors have on the skin mean fewer brown spots and wrinkles. Obviously, the number one defense is sun protection, and SPF is essential nowadays, but one environmental factor that many believe causes the skin to age faster than normal is pollution.

Pollutants are able to produce additional oxidants that overload the skin protection system and cause early aging, debilitation of immune functions, and even skin cancer (see study). “Particulate pollutants can be smaller than human pores—penetrating the skin and disrupting the cell renewal cycle and causing free radicals—meaning skin that is dryer, unevenly pigmented, and more wrinkled,” explained Lauren DelDotto, Gattefosse marketing manager, North America.

Sun screen is no longer enough to address the assault on weakened skin, driving new product innovation.

Read more about anti-pollution in the January/February issue of GCI magazine.


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