About Me

RMP_saraI am a freelance writer, ghostwriter, copywriter, editor and graphic designer! My work experience encompasses twelve years of publication writing and editing, primarily in the business trade with an emphasis on the cosmetics and personal care market. In addition to monthly magazine editing, I have authored and ghost written web site copy, blog posts and marketing materials on a variety of topics.

I started out as a business publication editor in the cosmetics and personal care industry. I continue to write for the industry, appearing in regional, national and international publications on a regular basis as a feature writer and a columnist. Topics range from highly technical ingredients to general marketing trends. Publications I’ve written for have included Eurocosmetics, Global Cosmetic Industry, Skin Inc., Hair’s How and GLOW.

Topics I’m most familiar with include cosmetics and personal care–including ingredient technology, natural beauty and trends–nutrition, athletics, motherhood and spirituality. I can write about anything! I am a no-nonsense writer and editor who can ensure copy is clear, concise, comprehensive and consistent, making it easier and more enjoyable to read. I have written and edited web site or blog content for a nutrition consultant, medical supplier, running track surface cleaner, motivational speakers, esthetic schools, yacht rentals, and the list goes on. As a bonus, I also include SEO target key word research and graphics design for complete turnkey services.

My specialization is in translating your expertise into web site content or blog posts your readers or potential clients can understand. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable writer or editor, let me know!


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