Editing Portfolio

Professional Book and Magazine Editing Experience

gci1410_lg GCI (Global Cosmetic Industry) Magazine
Copyright: 2002-2004, Allured Business Media
I was promoted to Managing Editor of the new acquisition for the company. In addition to writing at least seven feature articles per year, as well as the editor’s letter and other short editorials, I managed the
editorial schedule, solicited articles and columns to fulfill editorial calendar and keep within budget, and served as primary editor on all manuscripts. The magazine is distributed monthly to subscribers—cosmetic, fragrance and personal care product manufacturers and brand owners who look to the publication for the strategies behind the industry success stories. >>GCI Magazine
Si1303_Cover_1st.indd Skin Inc. Magazine
Associate Editor
Copyright: 1999-2002, Allured Business Media
>>Skin Inc. Magazine
Ongoing Project
Currently, I am editing a book on friendship for author Kerry Nenn.
[We Work for Them Now]
Ongoing project
Currently, I am writing a book proposal and ghost writing a “survival guide” for business professionals whose companies have been purchased by a Chinese company.
The Winter Warriors
Guide to Improving Your Platform Tennis
Copyright: 2005, Peter Berka
I worked with first-time self-publisher Peter Berka to write the first book on the subject of platform tennis in the past 30 years. He is a PPTA-certified teaching professional and nationally top-ranked platform tennis player. The goal was to keep the writing tight and concise. Because he is passionate about his sport, the author wanted to ensure readers were getting the most from his book. He wanted to get to the point in each chapter without losing the audience or over-simplifying the text. The book was distributed in Chicagoland area booksellers, including Borders, at racquet clubs, and online. >>The Winter Warriors
Leadership + People = Power
Copyright: 2005
Williams & Worth Publishers
Katherine Topel’s book is a single source that outlines a complete corporate culture landscape. Written for people that are striving to be the best leaders possible, the goal was a professional, smart text that gets straight to the heart of what it really takes to streamline a business. The book also featured step-by-step work plans for action at the end of each chapter. >>Powership

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