UV Protection Isn’t Enough
GCI magazine, January/February 2016
Mounting environmental stressors require new ingredient innovations.

Nature-inspired Innovation
GCI magazine, June 2015
The intersection of R&D and consumer consciousness.

Anti-aging Solutions in Today’s Marketplace
GCI Magazine, December 2013
As the anti-aging skin care market continues to be one of beauty’s biggest opportunities, brands and suppliers are turning to science, nature and innovative new combinations of both to create products that are effective and engaging.

Ingredients With Global Flair
GCI Magazine, March 2013
The global marketplace has made ingredients more international, and beauty brands are looking for opportunities to find their niche using ingredients from all parts of the world. Doing so offers brands the opportunity to build a unique marketing story or brand identity that resonates with consumers around the globe. Powerful consumer-driven social responsibility and fair trade approaches have allowed globally minded brands to remain strong and invites new players to stake their claim, even in a saturated market.

Sourced in the USA
GCI Magazine, December 2012
From the East to the West Coast, and everywhere in between, American consumers are seeking personal care products they can identify with, based on principles of locally grown, effective ingredients.

Defining Cosmeceuticals
GCI magazine, May 2012
The difference between traditional products and the bioactive ingredients used in topically applied cosmeceuticals really comes down to the level of biological activity within the skin, versus applying it to the surface for an appearance benefit. However, there are no requirements to prove these products live up to their claims.

Innovation Inspired by Nature
GCI magazine, March 2012
The potential for augmenting or replicating nature’s intelligence is to produce ingredients that are safer or better for consumer use and not harmful to the environment.

Avoiding the Unavoidable
GCI magazine, September 2010
With sun exposure as the most common cause of premature aging, innovative companies continue to research and provide ever more technologically advanced solutions.

High-def, High-tech
GCI magazine, April 2010
In a market where consumers desire a more natural yet flawless appearance, must-have innovations can hide imperfections and minimize fine lines by both filling them and scattering light, no matter skin color or type.

The Future is Here
GCI magazine, March 2010
The industry is responding to consumers’ desires for safe, innovative antiaging science and results-driven products utilizing biotech, such as telomeres, stem cells, epigenetics and cell-targeting technology.

Hi-Tech Color: Down to Earth Facts
Hair’s How magazine, November/December 2009
Although companies are aware of the negative reputation of chemical hair dyes among consumers, finding an effective natural alternative has presented a challenge.

2 in 1: Makeup Meets Skin Care
GCI magazine, November 2007
Makeup’s dynamic sales growth is, in part, a reflection of the demand for added benefits and natural ingredients, challenging formulators to continually work toward ever-more sophisticated products.

Dyeing to Get it Right
GCI magazine, September 2006
Innovation and ingredient technology in hair color products help bring enhanced quality and the latest trends to everyday consumers and burgeoning markets.

Consumers Experience Sensational Silicones
GCI magazine, April 2005
Marketers capture today’s consumer by creating an experience with silicones that produce cool, smooth and tasty sensations in gels, creams and color cosmetics.

Skin Care Technologies
GCI magazine, March 2002
From antioxidants to biotechnology, technology is deciding industry trends and the results clients see on their skin.

Ingredient Innovation
Skin Inc. Magazine, August 2000
An interview with Claude Richard, PhD, director of science for Sothys.


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