Sustainability for Packaging Success
GCI magazine, July/August 2015
Recovery, sourcing and optimization are the keys to implementing successful sustainability strategies for your packaging.

The Feel of It: Packaging with Sensory Clues
GCI magazine, April 2015
Designing a sensory experience into packaging and providing sensory cues about the product within are powerful ways to connect with the consumer at shelf.

Legitimizing Claims
GCI magazine, October 2014
The science behind proving beauty products work.

Optimizing Green Packaging
GCI magazine, July-August 2014
The opportunities for making a brand’s packaging more green may seem endless, which is why it is important to find something that is just right for your brand and its products.
Manly Packaging
GCI magazine, March 2014
Brand packaging that connects with men requires a straightforward message, masculine shapes and functional elements with a little personality.
Eco Opportunities in Product Packaging
GCI magazine, June 2013
From material to manufacture and from distribution to disposal or recycling, brands have opportunities to reduce their products’ impact on the environment one step at a time.

Evolution of Innovation
GCI magazine, December 2011
Packaging always requires an engaging element in addition to being functional, but recent advances in innovative thinking, design, materials and development have beauty packaging looking better than ever,

Sustainable Innovation
GCI magazine, December 2010
Consumers are increasingly interested in their personal impact on the environment, and are demanding more from brand owners and their packaging choices.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
GCI magazine, September 2009
Engaging in green packaging practices can reduce costs and address a growing target market that demands more sensitivity to health and the environment.

The End Justifies the Means
GCI magazine, February 2008
Meeting consumer demand for a greener fragrance package requires involving the entire supply chain in a commitment toward sustainability.

First Impressions
GCI magazine, May 2006
Innovation in cosmetic sample packaging allows marketers to convey the benefits, attributes and value of a product brand to the consumer.

Masters of Dispense
GCI magazine, January 2006
Suppliers are important partners for marketers looking to satisfy a need for dispensing technology that meets real-world demands.

Case Study: Packaged with Purpose
GCI magazine, April 2004
A new wave of environmentally friendly packaging from Aveda provides cost-effective options that build brand equity and appeal to the natural product consumer.

Spray Anything
GCI magazine, December 2003
With spray, pumps and foam products gaining popularity in all types of personal care, innovation in formulation and packaging cannot be ignored.Packaging

Suppliers Top 20
GCI magazine, October 2003


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