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REmote365 Remote 365
January 2018
Designed a concept logo for Remote365, a support company helping data centers, remote support for telecoms businesses.
lazydancer3 Lazy Dancer Tips
January 2018
Was a finalist in the contest designing a concept logo for an online ballet fitness streaming service seeking a nontraditional but professional logo.
coolcity5 Cool City
January 2018
Designed a concept logo for a home accents & decor company.
Belle3 Belle Biquette
January 2018
Designed a concept logo for a lotion company.
AmericanHomes American Homes
January 2018
Designed a concept logo with a patriotic theme for a real estate company in Southern California.
dreambellies DreamBellies
January 2018
Designed a logo concept for a coach/consultant who helps people discover, develop, and deliver a business idea, including purpose, potential and planning. Tagline for the business is “Get That Business Out of Your Belly.”
LiftedUp Administer Justice “Lifted Up”
August 2017
Designed a logo for an annual fundraiser that benefits Administer Justice, a nonprofit that provides free civil legal assistance.
drsc.PNG DR Simple Creativity
August 2016
Designed a logo for independent mixed media artist Jannette Simmons.
disciple_pathway Springbrook Disciple-Making Pathway
August 2016
Designed a logo for Springbrook’s upcoming initiative, as well as a b/w version for an app, based on specific guidelines.
May 2016
Designed a logo for the newly launched Total Life Church.
pincanchor Live Life Anchored
April 2016
Designed a logo for the PINC 2016 girls retreat with a nautical theme: Live Life Anchored
24_logo 24 Ways
February 2016
Designed a logo for an author’s book series, in addition to online and print covers for the first edition: 24:Ways to Pray Through Your Day.
guardur-heart Guard Your Heart
April 2015
Designed a logo for the PINC 2015 girls retreat with a battle theme: Guard Your Heart.
KidCity KidCity
August 2014
Designed an original logo for the grand opening of a new program for kids at Springbrook Community Church.
discipledriven Disciple Driven
March 2014
Designed an original logo to incorporate the three aspects of discipleship for a fundraising initiative at Springbrook Community Church, to make disciples first in our community, then in our region and then into the entire world.
Sandie Logo
Sandie Kindschy, Singer/Songwriter
June 2013
Created a logo and business card, as well as a promotional banner, for singer/songwriter Sandie Kindschy. She requested a look that reflects her style of music, with a symbol that combines music, peace and hope without being cliche. Later, I also created a CD cover for her first single.
The Small Town Girl
July 2013
Blogger Becky Graham asked me to help her get started with a logo and overall design for her new blog. I came up with this based on her request for a silhouette featuring her distinguishing features and fashion, but she decided later not to customize her header since she was unsure what look and feel she wanted yet. So this logo didn’t quite get finished.
February 2013
Created a logo for the PINC (Purity is No Compromise) purity retreat at Springbrook Community Church with a “Pinc University” theme.
runnerpics2 Runner Pics
February 2013
A friend who recently merged his two passions–running and photography–launched a web site for his new business. I was so excited I couldn’t help but create a logo for him, inspired by a tattoo of a foot he also has, before I even talked to him about it. Thankfully, he loved it.
NennPenInk Color Nenn Penn, Ink
Background: Tweaked a logo based on her original creation, for a blogger/writer to promote her freelance business.
pinc PINC
February 2012
Background: Created a logo and business card for Emily Phillips who founded the purity ministry PINC. She wanted pinc and feminine without being cliche, and the tea cup was a must, because of its significance to the group.
Logo Color
HeartStrong: Generosity Campaign
January 2012
Background: Created a logo along with media materials to support a generosity campaign through Springbrook Community Church that reflects the campaign’s three elements: Love God, Love Ourselves and Love Others. The logo has three unique hearts featuring “arrows” respective to the three areas, linked together in a chain signifying strength. The campaign was changed, however, to two elements: Love God/Love Others, so I reworked the logo, with the heart signifying loving God on the outside to reflect that our ability to love others comes from within our relationship with God.
coffeeconnection CoffeeConnection
August 2011
Background: Springbrook Community Church began a coffee fellowship for the women to get to know one another. I created a logo and developed marketing materials to promote the bi-monthly events.
momme saraswords Sara Mason (Sara’s Words & Mom-Me)
May 2011
Background: After much ado and several cards for other people, I finally decided it was time to create my own business card. This required making something of a logo and icon for myself. I wanted something that reflected me as a writing professional, particularly in the b2b industry (so not too casual), but also captured imperfection. I also wanted to incorporate the idea of beauty and spirituality, since those are the two topics I most frequently write about. The pink butterfly covers both. It’s not your typical beauty icon but it works for me. The butterfly also has a subtle cross and also represents transformation, the new life every Christian experiences with Christ.
worldlogo Rock Your World: Dance & Social
April 2011
Background: Created a logo to promote local elementary school dance that had a theme of “dance around the world.”
Liz Logo Music by Liz
August 2010
Background: Created a logo and business cards for musician providing voice and piano lessons to individuals. I used musical symbols to create the letters for MUSIC.
uffda Bjorke Family Reunion
June 2010
Background: Created a logo based on the family’s Norwegian heritage and “wordle” for reunion t-shirts.
Specialoffering 1 Reaching Our World
November 2009
Background: Created a logo for a special offering during the holidays at Springbrook Community Church.
decades Rockin’ Thru the Decades: Dance & Social
April 2010
Background: Created a logo to promote local elementary school dance that had a decades theme.
Nicole Logo Hair by Nicole
August 2009
Background: Created a logo and business cards for a friend with two businesses out of her home for hairstyling and home care. Based avatar off her image from a photo.
Ohio Mission Accomplished
Springbrook Community Church student ministry
July 2009
Background: Created t-shirt logo for Springbrook youth trip to Ohio. Requested a design incorporating the state shape of Ohio, a smokestack billowing smoke (the MEAD paper plant is headquartered there and the smell was horrific) and the text.
activate_sm Activate
Calvary Evangelical Free Church’s student ministry
Summer 2007
Background: The church was looking for a hip logo that would emphasize the new direction of the organization to reach out to kids currently in the ministry who weren’t “activating” their faith. They wanted to play on the cell phone trend. I tied in the reception bars with the cross to emphasize being “fully activated” with Christ.


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