Ingredients that Multitask
GCI magazine, March 2016
Breakthroughs in multifunctionality fit consumers’ busy lives, create new cross-category innovation, and boost beauty and personal care brands.

No Longer a Trend
Euro Cosmetics Magazine, January/February 2015
The idea that health and beauty go hand in hand is gaining momentum and credibility. From clean and whole foods diets to personal care as close to nature as possible, Americans are looking for healthy, nourished skin as a foundation for beauty.

Color Essentials
GCI Magazine, January/February 2015
Bold and bright, soft and sweet, mismatched and perfectly paired–to the consumer, color stands for personalization, and they want it their way.

Acne and Probiotics: The Next Big Thing
Euro Cosmetics Magazine, November 2014
We live in a world where appearances matter! Because the trend is toward effective natural solutions, probiotics could become the next solution for acne care.

Pulsing with Potential
GCI Magazine, September 2013
Gaining stronger footholds in the at-home and professional arenas, the beauty device trend is looking like one of the key drivers for the beauty market in the future, with options and opportunities for skin, hair and beyond.

Fall 2012 Color Preview: The Fantasy of Fall
Skin Inc. magazine, September 2012
This fall, the Pantone color palette is about the magic of color. Fantasy and illusion are inspiring designers and makeup artists alike, with an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals, cleverly manipulating reality into enchantment through fashion and cosmetics.

Eco-Values: Truly Reaching Green Consumers
GCI magazine, September 2012
Product quality and integrity, the environment and social impact are of utmost importance to natural and organic consumers.

Case Study: Spa Hop
Skin Inc. magazine, May 2012
More than 300 people explored the spas and salons in bustling downtown Glen Ellyn, Illinois, for the Chicago suburb’s second annual Spa Hop in early February 2012. The event was organized to boost the local economy, enhance community spirit and promote wellness among its residents.

Still on Fifth Avenue: Even Better
GLOW Beauty Magazine, Spring 2012
The state-of-the-art facility at 663 Fifth Avenue blends the established heritage and tradition of innovator Elizabeth Arden in a wellness destination that exudes the essence of luxury and elegance.

Coif Your Morale
GLOW Beauty Magazine, Fall 2011
Boost your well-being with a fresh look and a new attitude that is uniquely yours.

Joining the Innovation Game:
The Changed Nature of Private Label

GCI magazine, May 2011
Due to the potential and rising confidence in increasingly sophisticated products, retailers and marketers continue to turn to private label programs to meet the competitive challenges in today’s marketplace.

From Paris with Love
GLOW Beauty Magazine, Spring 2011
Red Door Spas brings the passion and talent for hair from Europe to New York’s 5th Avenue.

Opportunity and Advantages in Green
GCI Magazine, January 2011
Finding innovative approaches to make the same products with fewer resources is best for consumers, companies and the environment.

Paths to Purchase
GCI magazine, July 2010 (Cover article)
With so many options and consumer preferences to factor, the brands that market through every channel will have a competitive advantage.

A Place in the Sun
GCI magazine, June 2010
The market for sun protection products—which is expected to be worth $7.6 billion globally by 2014, according to Euromonitor International (which reported on the sun care market in GCI magazine’s May 2010 issue) is being driven primarily by increasing consumer awareness of the importance of sun protection. While people in the western countries, in particular, still value a long-lasting tan, they are much more aware of the negative and sometimes irreversible impact intense sun exposure without effective sun protection can be.

Breaking Barriers: Retail’s Natural (R)evolution
GCI magazine, March 2009
Consumers are choosing to buy less in order to buy better. This trend reflects a desire for products with greater meaning and, even during the economic downturn, is expected to grow.

Ethnic Cosmetics Fit New Beauty Paradigm
GCI magazine, December 2008
Global multiethnic culture has driven the beauty business to reach out with product and marketing innovations.

Spas Get Serious
GCI magazine, June 2008
As high-tech goes mainstream in a high-touch industry, wellness opportunities abound for brands in the spa or clinic and at home.

Shower Power
GCI magazine, November 2006
The popularity of body wash has marketers attracting consumers with natural-smelling and distinct fragrances.

10 Ways to Get Your Products Noticed by Salons
GCI magazine, March 2006
From partnerships to philanthropy to very important education opportunities, if your target market is the salon industry, here are 10 great ways to get noticed and get your product into stylists’ hands.

Cosmetic Start-Up Goes International
GCI magazine, March 2005
With a little star power and a lot of marketing savvy, two women unleash a new cosmetic line in Ulta retail stores across the US and prepare for its international launch.

Spa Profile: The Sapphire Salon & Destination Spa
Skin Inc. Magazine, December 2004

Shop ‘Til You Drop
GCI magazine, March 2004
Retailers must be proactive to maximize the opportunities to market to teens–and that goes beyond product mix to shopping experience.

No-Sweat Manufacturing
GCI magazine, September 2003
Antiperspirant and deodorant brand marketers free up cash for marketing and selling by relying on contract manufacturers to deliver products that will standout in a crowd.

State of the Industry
GCI magazine, December 2003
Understanding consumer need and opportunity can be the difference in beating a competitor in a crowded marketplace, no matter the economic climate.

Outlook 2003: Supply Chain
GCI magazine, March 2003
Companies must continue reaching out to partners to promote better communications and speed the flow of product and data through the supply chain.

Concept to Consumer
GCI magazine, March 2003
Too Faced Cosmetics teamed up with contract manufacturer The Color Factory in its spring launch of Shadow Soiree. Watch the development unfold.

Service & Sacrifice
GCI magazine, February 2003
Morio Ikeda has taken the helm of Shiseido, a company with a 130-year history and a vision that is being carried out to serve humanity.

Innovative Fragrance Brands 2003
GCI magazine, February 2004
Award-winning fragrances from the past year rely on innovative scents that capture the imagination.

School’s Out
GCI magazine, June 2003
Targeting teens requires education and a new attitude toward sun care.

Pampering with Private Label
GCI magazine, May 2003
Retailing has become a key component of the booming professional skin care market.


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