Family Fun Friday: Knight’s shield

For my daughter’s medieval princess/knight birthday party, I made shields as takeaways (along with tablecloth tunics and foam swords) for the boys. Here’s how:

1. Print shield shape on 8×10 sheet of computer paper.
2. Trace onto an empty cereal box (use both sides to make 2).
3. Cut out.

4. Turn it over, so the inside of the box is up. Line the edges with tin foil. I pressed a strip to the edge then cut the desired width on the inside of the strip, using the crease as my guide. Then I used a glue stick to adhere it, folding excess to the back.

5. Use construction paper to make a cross or other design for the center.


6. Punch holes or use a marker to make rivet marks on the design and around the edge of the shield.
7. Cut handles from sides of cereal box, where the nutrition information is found. Make a 1.5″ wide or so rectangle (I made 2 from each side), then curve the middle inward to make it more kid-friendly.

8. Glue the handles, one end at a time and bending it gently. Hot glue gun works best for this.

9. Glue craft jewels to center of design.

10. En guard!


6 thoughts on “Family Fun Friday: Knight’s shield

  1. Sorry, no I just printed a shield shape that I drew but didn’t save. If you can’t find one or make one on the computer, freehand draw one on a piece of paper that’s folded in half (for symmetry). Then trace that.

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